About Us

About the Owner:

Abbie Schroeder is a 26 year old, who bought Wildflour in January 2020. She has had lots of experience in Culinary Arts within the past 8 years including baking, catering, and coffee drink making. Abbie loves to spend time with her family, dogs, and likes to try lots of new things when she is not working at Wildflour! She bought Wildflour to achieve her dream of owning a business and plans on keeping the classic Wildflour atmosphere, but adding lots of new things to the menu! Abbie Schroeder would also like to thank all of her supporters, hardworking staff, and customers!

About the Business:

Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Cafe was started in 2010!

About the Location:

Wildflour and the Root Cellar are located in a 100-year old building on brick-lined West Main Street in Decatur, Illinois.   
Situated between the city’s center and its historic near-west residential region, the location offers the charm of a neighborhood bakery within walking distance of downtown businesses.      
Once an antique store, the site retains its vintage ambiance with an eclectic mix of treasures, including a stained glass window from Decatur’s original YMCA, a circa 1880’s butter churn, and a rare curved-glass and carved wood fireplace mantle. 
   With Wi-Fi access, Wildflour blends the old and new to create an inviting place in which to enjoy a good cup of coffee, a great croissant, and a unique place to buy gifts and vintage home décor.

Definitely not a typical chain restaurant, this unique nook near downtown Decatur offers plenty of charm as well as a place to sit, slow down, and enjoy a cup of enjoyment and a tasty meal.

-Don S.

Wildflour (to me) is the heart of downtown Decatur. It’s a place to relax with friends for lunch, and a place to just drop in and see who is there and what’s cooking. I always feel happier after a visit to Wildflour.

-Patricia L.

Your desserts are so amazing! Not only are they delicious, they are beautiful. Thank you for your efforts to remain a viable part of downtown Decatur. Your small business is most appreciated.

-Marcia K.

Thank you so much for helping our business out! Our customers are the heart and soul of Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Cafe!

Let us know how we are doing!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  1. Great site! I’m very interested in getting something from your breakfast and lunch menus. Do u guys accept call in/carry…

  2. Love your new website!

One thought on “About Us

  1. Great site! I’m very interested in getting something from your breakfast and lunch menus. Do u guys accept call in/carry out orders?


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